We’re making more room for climate protection

Thinking of biking and taking the train to work? That’d be a terrific idea if you didn’t need to spend time looking for a spot to park your bike at the station. We’re working with city governments to remove this barrier. Together with the German Ministry for the Environment we’ve launched the Bike+Ride program. 100,000 more parking spots for bikes at rail stations will be added across Germany by the end of 2022.

more parking spots for bikes by the end of 2022

Deutsche Bahn is offering parts of its own property to governments in cities and towns to add these spots rent-free. DB is reviewing locations to determine their suitability and is also helping procure bike parking systems. The German Ministry for the Environment has provided subsidies that will be used to finance the program. These new spots will help ease the transition to bicycling for commuters – a win for climate protection.

Cyclists enjoy a special service at the station in the Bavarian pilgrimage town of Altötting. As well as new Bike+Ride storage racks, there are covered charging stations and bike boxes that can be used cost-free for electric bikes. If a bike needs work, its owner can repair it at the workbench provided, and there is even a vending machine for inner tubes. And for those who have broken into a sweat cycling here, there is a changing room where they can put on fresh clothes before getting on the train. This unique mobility concept was one of the factors that led to Altötting being named "Station of the Year" in 2020.

Freising’s station of the future has generous new bike parking possibilities for passengers available as well. With 800 parking spots, this is the largest modern parking facility provided under the Bike+Ride campaign so far. Bicycles can be parked there conveniently on two levels and are protected from the elements by a roof that covers most areas. The facility has been approved by the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrradclub e. V. (ADFC), a German bicycle advocacy group.

At Mainz central station, up to 470 bike parking possibilities can be used at our second largest parking facility. But that is not the end of the story in Mainz. Overall, 1,200 spaces will be available in three Bike+Ride parking facilities in 2021. 

New bike parking has also been added at the stations in Aschaffenburg, Hof, Sinsheim, Fulda and Hamburg-Othmarschen, among others. A further 20,000 parking spots for bikes are currently being planned at more than 100 stations throughout Germany. 

Doppelstockparker Aschaffenburg
Bicycle parking spots at Aschaffenburg main station
Doppelstockparkernutzung Aschaffenburg
Usage of bicycle parking spots at Aschaffenburg main station
Fahrradstellpätze Freising
Bycicle parking spots at Freising main station.