Klimaaktivistin Luisa Neubauer | © DB AG / Faruk Hosseini


At Deutsche Bahn, we are in close and regular contact with our stakeholders and with anyone interested in green mobility. Online, at large events such as the Umweltforum (environmental forum) and in direct conversation: open dialogue on important sustainability and environmental topics is a matter of course for us.

Carsten Spohr, CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Dr. Richard Lutz, CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG and Head of Sustainability at Deutsche Bahn Andreas Gehlhaar at DB Umweltforum 2021 | © DB AG / Jet Foto Kranert


Deutsche Bahn’s Umweltforum has firmly established itself as the central platform for green mobility. Decision makers from the political sphere, civil society, the business world and the science realm discuss current challenges, expectations and developments in green mobility.

GREENTECH 2020 | © DB AG / Dominic Dupont


At the GREENTECH FESTIVAL, organizers and Deutsche Bahn bring people from all over the world together to inspire them with innovative green technologies.

Eine Frau lauscht an einer Schallschutzwand. | © DB AG / Sven Schrader

Noise Control Report

Deutsche Bahn and the German government are working together to reduce noise levels generated by railways in Germany. Our 2020 noise control report provides information on our progress.

© DB AG / Axel Hartmann

Integrated Report

In the Integrated Report, you can find information on the performance of Deutsche Bahn in 2020. Here you can also read what has been achieved in terms of sustainability and the environment and how we are driving forward the green transformation at Deutsche Bahn.

Triebfahrzeugführer des DB Fernverkehr unterwegs mit einem ICE 4. | © DB AG / Pablo Castagnola

DB Train Simulator

With the DB Train Simulator, anyone can become a virtual train driver and learn how to get a train to its destination using as little energy as possible.