Get to your destination with renewable power

Taking the train protects the climate. Since the beginning of 2018, our ICE, IC and EC trains have been running on 100% renewable power in Germany, making travel more environmentally friendly than ever for our long distance customers. This makes DB the largest user of renewable power in Germany today. This is green. And forward-looking.

A major target of ours is to be 100% climate neutral by 2050. We aim to make our traction power 80% green by 2030 and 100% green by 2038. The start of the next decade will be a key milestone: by 2030, we want to cut specific greenhouse gas emissions by more than half.

60 %
100 %
Share of renewable power in the traction current mix

Our passengers in regional and local transport also travel green. All trains on the Hamburg S-Bahn network run entirely on renewables. At the beginning of 2020, we converted six regional lines to 100% renewable power in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg.

More green electricity and less CO2 is also the aim behind DB Cargo's DBeco plus product. We give logistics customers the option to have their goods transported by rail using 100% renewable power. To do this, we feed the required volumes of power from renewable sources into our traction power network.

And it's not only our trains that are shifting to renewables. We have also been powering 33 rail stations entirely with green electricity. This includes the 15 largest stations in Germany and since mid-November 2019 also our "rail stations of the future".