3D model of hydrogen molecules | © iStock.com/smirkdingo

Testing hydrogen as the fuel of the future

How can we make transport even greener in the future? We have established partnerships to design and develop eco-friendly transport solutions for tomorrow. One particularly climate-friendly technology is the use of green hydrogen in propulsion technology.

H2goesRail - hydrogen system for rail transport

Deutsche Bahn is currently testing solutions for supplying trains with hydrogen. DB Energie is developing mobile hydrogen filling stations for this purpose. Green hydrogen is produced directly on site, using power from renewable sources and goes into a mobile storage tank. In this way a train can be refueled in the same time as a diesel train can.

Under the name "H2goesRail" we are testing a completely new hydrogen system for rail transport in partnership with Siemens Mobility. Alongside DB Energie’s new hydrogen filling station concept, a special hydrogen train has also been developed. Siemens Mobility is building the new Mireo Plus H for this purpose. It has a hydrogen drive system consisting of a fuel cell and a battery.

The aim of the project is to replace diesel multiple units in regional service. This new propulsion technology and the green hydrogen will reduce local carbon emissions to zero. Trial operation between Tübingen, Horb and Pforzheim is planned to start in 2024.


Together with Siemens Mobility, Deutsche Bahn is working on a completely new hydrogen system for rail transport.

Hydrogen technology being tested at DB Regio Bus too

We are also advancing climate friendly transport on the roads, for example in North Friesland. There, the DB subsidiary Autokraft is putting into service two buses that run on hydrogen fuel cells in a pilot project established in the regions of Niebüll and Husum. The buses come from the Portuguese manufacturer CaetanoBus and should have a range of up to 400 kilometers. The green hydrogen for this pilot is produced from wind power. The buses can refuel at publicly accessible hydrogen filling stations. This project has been given the name "eFarm".

An H2.City Gold hydrogen bus.
Climate-neutral and with hydrogen technology, this bus takes its passengers to their destination.

DB Regio has also tested another hydrogen bus in regular service in Frankfurt am Main. High passenger volumes and traffic density, as well as short distances between stops requiring frequent starting and braking, presented special challenges here. This testing allowed us to gain experience and measure actual consumption under real conditions, and thus to create the basis for the carbon-neutral local public transport system of the future – not only in Frankfurt.