Nature conservation

We should not take a flourishing countryside, healthy woodlands and species-rich habitats for granted. Over the past few years, there has been a serious decline in the variety of plants and animals in the world around us. Insect numbers are plummeting and rising temperatures are putting pressure on our forests and grasslands. This in turn robs wildlife of their habitats and undermines the entire ecosystem.  

As a company, Deutsche Bahn is committed to counteracting these developments. We know that more rail traffic means our infrastructure also has to grow, and it is not always possible to achieve this without consequences for the environment. It is precisely this knowledge that makes us so aware of our duty. 

We know that the perfect home for certain plants and animals is located right beside some of our rail infrastructure. As a company, we feel that we have an obligation to these neighbors: Biodiversity is something to be protected, and this obligates and inspires us to create habitats for at-risk species.

Wild horses, water buffalo and goats: Their grazing helps us at DB to protect habitats.

We create habitats: 

Whenever we have to disturb the environment to create new rail facilities, we also create new habitats. Goats, wild horses and water buffalo help us by grazing certain areas so that rare plants and animals can thrive there.

We relocate species: 

When working on our rail facilities, we take great care not to harm any plants or animals, and we sometimes even temporarily move them to a new home to keep them safe and sound. We have done this with a number of species, such as sand lizards, bats and natterjack toads. 

We protect individual species: 

At Deutsche Bahn, we go one step further to protect flora and fauna. We have established many different measures that focus on the wellbeing of a single species, such as bees, peregrine falcons and Apollo butterflies.

Conservation activities since 2010

Since 2010, we have implemented over 32,000 such nature conservation activities.