Ein ICE im Thüringer Wald auf der Schnellfahrstrecke zwischen Erfurt und Nürnberg.  | © DB AG / Faruk Hosseini

The Green Transformation of Deutsche Bahn

Hotter summers, milder winters and torrential rains: Climate change affects us all. It affects us at Deutsche Bahn, and it also affects our customers. We have to act now so that future generations can live on a healthy planet.

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Train travel is active climate protection.

The German and European climate targets can only be achieved through a massive modal shift to environmentally friendly rail. We at Deutsche Bahn are rising to this challenge. That is why we have anchored DB's Green Transformation in our Group strategy Strong Rail.

Our Green Transformation will enable us to meet our environmental and social obligations as we successively make all of our products, our services and the way that we work more environmentally friendly.

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We remain focused on pressing ahead with Deutsche Bahn's Green Transformation.


Deutsche Bahn's Green Transformation is a holistic process that affects the entire Group. We are driving this forward in the four environmental fields of action of climate protection, nature conservation, resource protection and noise reduction, as well as in social responsibility. 

Climate protection

Our climate protection goal is to be completely climate neutral by 2040. We will more than half our CO2 emissions by 2030. And by 2038, we will switch our traction current completely to 100 percent green electricity. Today, renewable energies already account for around 61 percent of the traction current mix.



climate neutral by 2040

Nature conservation

We want to maintain a healthy ecosystem by actively creating habitats for endangered plants and animals, and by encouraging biodiversity. Since 2010, we have implemented more than 38,000 individual nature and wildlife conservation activities into action.

Resource protection

For us, environmental protection also means safeguarding our ecosystems. That is why we make careful use of our resources. For example, we have already achieved our goal of recycling more than 95 percent of the raw materials we use by the end of 2020. 



Recycling rate

Noise reduction

For us, noise protection also means thinking about those people who live along the railroad. Strong Rail means more trains, but it will only succeed if the people who live beside railway lines are willing to accept higher levels of rail traffic. This is why we are continuously reducing our trains' noise emissions, investing in noise control measures and developing innovative ways to make rail operations even quieter. We have a clear goal for this: By 2050, we will relieve all residents who currently live along polluted lines from rail traffic noise. 

Social responsibility

At Deutsche Bahn, we are also fully aware of our responsibilities and role in society. We are one of the world's leading mobility and logistics companies, so we accept responsibility for our actions in Germany and in every other country where we do business. Demonstrating fairness towards our workforce, maintaining supply chain transparency, promoting human rights and encouraging digital responsibility are just some of the many topics that we actively address as a socially aware company.

For us, being green is not just some kind of act. It is a mindset that shapes our actions. Every day, our employees work towards making Deutsche Bahn a greener company. At the same time, we are establishing eco-friendly services that cater to the needs of our passengers and business customers in all areas. With our environmental brand This is green. and more than 150 concrete individual measures, we are making the Green Transformation visible. 


environmental measures

In this way, we at Deutsche Bahn are living up to our responsibility for a successful mobility revolution in Germany and Europe. And our customers protect the environment.