Environmental protection is in the bag

We don't throw away the information notices at our building sites when we no longer need them. Instead, we take an upcycling approach and give them a new lease of life by transforming them into useful products. 

Once a construction project is completed, the site information notices are no longer required, but that doesn't mean that we've finished with them. DB Station&Services has joined forces with a workshop for people with disabilities to create an upcycling project in Frankfurt. The signs are made of old truck tarps, and once they are taken down, the material is sent to the workshop to be turned into modern bags. In another project, women with a refugee background create our upcycling bags as part of their clothes-making training course. 

Many different tarps are used, so each bag is a colorful and unique creation. The range of bags includes a Flex@Work line for our employees with flexible work places. Each one has space for a laptop, keyboard, mouse and a folder for files, so it's no problem for these staff members to pack up their workstation and take it home at the end of the day.
Reusing information notices as bags is the second time that we minimize our environmental impact in connection with these signs. We make a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions by making the signs out of old truck tarpaulins in the first place, as this does away with the need for conventional composite aluminum sheets. The total annual reduction at DB Station&Service comes to some eight metric tons of CO2.