Picnic with RECUP and REBOWL. | © DB AG / Faruk Hosseini

We turn disposable into reusable

You may sometimes want to make the most of the sun and grab a coffee to go or take your salad and pasta outside on your lunch break. Many people like to enjoy their food and drinks on the move - but this has consequences. Every year, billions of disposable cups and containers end up in the garbage in Germany. 

At Deutsche Bahn we want to take a stand against this waste of valuable resources. In our DB Casino staff cafeterias and in our DB catering service we serve meals with reusable tableware.

Deposit on returnable containers

However, because many DB employees do not work in an office, we also offer containers provided in a deposit return system. This way, everyone can enjoy a hot beverage or a meal on the go without wasting resources. For small take-away snacks such as fruit salads, smoothies and yoghurts, we have been offering eco-friendly deposit jars for some time. The jars can be returned in any of our staff cafeterias.

With the new deposit system from our partner RECUP, we now offer another eco-friendly alternative to throw-away packaging. The system is simple: our employees receive their drinks and food to take out in a RECUP or a REBOWL for which they pay a small deposit. The empty cups and bowls can be returned to the DB Casino cafeteria or to any RECUP partner. There are around 6,000 cafés and stores throughout Germany where customers can pick up and return the cups and bowls, and where their deposit money is refunded.

Obvious advantages for the environment 

Reusing with RECUP is a truly environmentally friendly option. The cups and bowls are made of 100 percent recyclable plastic. Unlike their disposable counterparts, the tableware can be washed and reused 500 to 1,000 times.  Another feature of the cups and bowls is that they are produced in a low-energy process. RECUP and REBOWL has been awarded the German “Blue Angel” ecolabel.  

By using the deposit system, we sustainably reduce the use of disposable packaging in our staff cafeterias. We and our employees can thus together make a significant contribution to increasing sustainability and protecting resources every day.