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We're doing something about noise

Conventional noise barriers are not allowed everywhere in the cityscape. There is also not always enough space to build them next to the tracks. We are therefore testing a range of innovative measures to ensure that we are able to offer really suitable solutions at all times. For example, we have developed a kind of coat for our rails, known as a rail web damper. Plastic plates are installed on either side of a rail at short intervals. This spring-mass system absorbs the vibrations made on the track when a train passes through and reduces noise by up to three decibels. 

We have stopped our steel bridges from producing vibration noise by fitting highly elastic rail fasteners on the rails. And when we are not allowed to go up too high – low-height noise barriers installed close to tracks can reduce noise by three to five decibels. In addition, because it can hurt your ears to hear our trains screech around bends, we use rail lubrication equipment to automatically grease the tracks. We are taking advantage of numerous possibilities to do something about noise.