Our mission to give you a restful night

We want to significantly reduce rail noise by the end of 2020 in order to ensure residents living near rail lines have more peace and quiet. To achieve this, we are erecting noise barriers on new and upgraded lines, for instance. And we are also installing them on existing lines as part of remedial measures.

Whenever a train passes by, the walls absorb noise and shield nearby homes. Some of them take the form of low-height noise barriers and others are gabions – mesh cages filled with stones. With the help of the federal noise abatement program, we built more than 50 km of new noise barriers in 2019 and fitted about 1,600 apartments with path and receiver noise control, such as sound-insulating windows.

We also deploy noise barriers around construction sites. So that birds can breed undisturbed, for example, and residents can sleep peacefully.