© DB AG / Faruk Hosseini

We want to stop in Bavaria more often

The Bavarians are on the move more often now. And on the move very quickly. Because by 2023, we will have built 20 new stations right across the state of Bavaria. The stations will generally be located near residential areas, but also near higher education institutions, industrial estates, shopping malls, public swimming pools and hospitals.

The new buildings will generate 7,000 to 8,000 customers for Bavaria's rail network every day, which will reduce annual CO2 emissions by an estimated 12,000 metric tons as cars are taken off the road. 

For those who are interested: The new stations will be spread out over the whole state of Bavaria, e.g. Hof Mitte, Aschaffenburg Ost, Würzburg-Heidingsfeld Ost, Straubing Hafen, Lindau-Oberreitnau and Bad Reichenhall Nord.