Climate protection begins at the depot

It is not only our trains that are green – we also focus on solutions for sustainability and climate protection in our maintenance depots.

Green ICE depots

We are particularly proud of Germany's first CO2-neutral ICE maintenance depot, which we opened in Cologne-Nippes in 2018. Geothermal power and a 2,100-square-meter photovoltaic system provide the maintenance depot with energy, while extra electricity sourced is also green. LED lights reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent compared to conventional energy-saving lamps. A solar thermal system on the roof, with around 180 square meters of collector surface, generates up to 100 kWp of heat energy. This supplies all washbasins, showers and kitchenettes in the depot with hot water.

The batteries of electric service vehicles and e-bikes can be charged at charging points. And we offer our employees covered bicycle parking so that their journey to and from work is as climate-friendly as possible. 

We are planning to open another climate-neutral pit-stop in Nuremberg. The new maintenance depot, which is to have six tracks, will make up to 25 ICE trains fit for service each day, starting in 2028. Environmental considerations have been part of the planning process from the very beginning. For example, in order to compensate for the land used to build the depot, 300 hectares of state forest will be converted into natural woodland.

Climate-friendly pit-stops at DB Regio

We operate another CO2-neutral S-Bahn maintenance depot in Hamburg-Stellingen. In the 160-meter-long maintenance shed there, we can maintain and repair trains on four tracks and eight work stations simultaneously – seven days a week and around the clock. Solar cells cover the depot's entire electricity and heating requirements in summer. Additional electricity is generated exclusively from renewable energy sources. LED illumination systems are used throughout the facility, while rainwater is collected and fed into the groundwater using infiltration systems, rounding off the green solutions. 

The largest photovoltaic plant in the entire Rhine-Main region generates green electricity on the roof of our S-Bahn workshop in Frankfurt am Main. Because many of DB Regio's depots are also already green. They are heated with climate-friendly district heating.

At the Munich-Pasing maintenance depot, DB Regio is able to reduce its CO2 emissions by as much as 80 percent in comparison with conventional facilities thanks to its use of geothermal power and energy-efficient systems.

Sustainable depots at DB Arriva

Our commitment to the environment does not stop at the national border. Further afield, we are building maintenance depots with our subsidiary DB Arriva in accordance with sustainability criteria at both Guimarães in Portugal and Rhyl in the UK.