Fair-trade is to our taste

Fancy a nice cup of coffee at one of our on-board bistros? And you would ideally want to support fair trade too? No problem. Because we see promoting sustainable nutrition and environmental protection as our duty. That is why we are the largest caterer in Germany that offers customers fairly traded coffee. The on-board bistros on ICE and IC trains now only serve hot beverages with a fair-trade label. This commitment was honored with 3rd place at the Fairtrade Awards in 2018. 

A total of around 200 metric tons of coffee and 2.1 million tea sachets were consumed on board our ICEs and ICs in 2018 alone. Similarly, our DB lounges and staff cafeterias also only serve hot beverages that are certified in line with fair-trade requirements. 

The fair-trade seal stands for products that have been grown and traded fairly. It provides farmers with security thanks to stable incomes and premiums for community projects. The rules underlying fair trade also prohibit the use of highly toxic pesticides or genetically modified seeds. Customers and staff can therefore enjoy their coffee, tea or hot chocolate with a clear conscience.