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Trips to experience nature

The chalk cliffs of Jasmund National Park on Rügen, the mighty sessile oaks of the Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve and the wild mountain world in the nature reserve of the Ammergau Alps are all very special places. In conjunction with the environmental associations BUND, NABU and VCD, plus 23 destinations geared toward nature trips, we are committed to protecting these and other landscapes in nature reserves, biosphere reserves and national parks in and near Germany.

Together with our partners, we implement climate protection measures, such as shifting traffic from the roads to the rails for leisure trips. That is to say, we are committed to enabling vacationers to explore nature not by car but by public transport. With a special guest card they can use public transport free of charge in many destinations geared toward nature trips. In this way, they help to cut carbon emissions and protect biological diversity.

The Destination Nature award for excellent mobility offerings

Every year, the Destination Nature award goes to regions that are leading the way in combining sustainable tourism with environmentally friendly mobility.

2020's prize goes to the Ammergau Alps nature park in Bavaria. A protected area and it won this year's award thanks to its excellent mobility offering. Holidaymakers can use a visitor's card to get around the region by bus and train. Other impressive entries came from the Harz National Park, with its HATIX holiday ticket, and the UNESCO biosphere reserve along the Elbe river.