Young people with smart ideas

At DB Long Distance and DB Cargo alike – our talented young people are taking a strong stand for the environment and coming up with clever ideas for a green future. Building insect hotels and setting up charging stations for electric bicycles are not strictly part of official vocational training at Deutsche Bahn. But our trainees are thinking outside the box with these ideas.

A thinktank for more environmental protection 

With our eco-aware trainees program at DB Long Distance we raise our junior employees' awareness of sustainability and the environment. In the second and third year of their training, as part of the program, they develop green ideas on how we can make our daily work even more environment-friendly. The implemented projects are diverse: In Berlin-Rummelsburg, they built an insect hotel, showed how less plastic can be used in the on-board bistros, and set up charging stations for e-bikes. A total of almost 500 vocational trainees took part in the program throughout Germany until now.

DB Cargo’s young talent has ideas for green projects 

At DB Cargo too, our junior employees are committed to protect the environment. At the eco-heroes day, the company's young talents can take part in an exciting dialogue with experts on current environmental issues. Our trainees and our students on cooperative education programs gain insights into forward-looking environmental projects at various locations. They then have the chance to implement their own ideas together. This year, for example, our eco-heroes developed ideas for turning part of a depot into a biotope and designed and exhibited posters showing energy-saving tips for office buildings.