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Take our climate-friendly CleverShuttle

Ride pooling – what was that again? With ride pooling, carpools are formed between passengers who have a similar destination. It is common in cities. It reduces the volume of traffic on the roads and frees up parking areas for other uses. CleverShuttle is a start-up offering such a ride pooling service. We have been partnered with them for many years to offer seamless onward travel, such as from a train station to a customer's home.

It goes without saying that the CleverShuttle fleet is made up of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, meaning it is climate-friendly and especially low-noise. When our customers travel with the CleverShuttle service, they are not only helping the environment but also saving money from door to door, because they share the fare. 

So our passengers in Leipzig travel seamlessly from the train station right to their front door. CleverShuttle has also offered its ride pooling services in Düsseldorf. The fleet is fueled with 100 percent renewable energy from Stadtwerke Düsseldorf.

In Darmstadt CleverShuttle is an option for passengers, too. There, the on-demand shuttle service HeinerLiner is available operated by CleverShuttle together with ioki and Darmstadt mobility service provider HEAG. Their electrically operated minibuses can carry up to seven passengers and run on 100 percent green electricity.