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Made-to-measure charging

Our fleet of electric cars and electric busses is growing day by day. Which means that the charging infrastructure also needs to be expanded. We at the Deutsche Bahn are offering appropriate solutions und building charging points to supply our vehicles with green power.

For example, at the project “Tailor-made charging infrastructure”. For that, DB Energy and DB Rail Construction are working together to develop the e-mobility experience even further. We are planning processes to laying underground cables, creating foundations for charging columns and sourcing energy from renewable sources. When the charging points are operational, we are responsible for maintenance work and managing the cards used for recharging. It's a made-to-measure system that responds to the needs we identify.

For example, while DB Netz AG's new depot was being constructed at Ostkreuz station, five new charging points were installed as part of a joint project with DB Immobilien. Each point has connections for two vehicles, so DB Netz staff can make use of this green option and charge their company cars as well as personal vehicles.