Beavers have their own manager at DB

A protected species, numerous beavers live in the many waterways situated close to our rail lines. Bavaria alone is home to some 20,000 beavers, whose territories are spread across the entire region. In order to protect the rodents' habitats and be good neighbors, DB Netz is currently working to establish a dedicated preventive beaver management program in southern Germany.

We make sure that these hard-working master builders do not enlarge their dams too far at the expense of our embankments, which would pose a risk to rail traffic. With the help of our beaver manager, an officially certified beaver expert, solutions are devised. For example, a chain of containers was installed next to a beaver dam on the line between Buchloe and Memmingen. Filled with water, the containers ensure that only a small quantity of water can continue flowing and at the same time prevent the beavers from enlarging their dam. This protects the embankment and ensures the safety of rail operations, while sustainably preserving the beaver's habitat. 

DB´s officially certified expert, Michael Schmitt, in action

In order to live even more harmoniously alongside our rodent neighbors, DB Netz is undertaking a joint research project with the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences to investigate what else we can do to protect beavers' habitats along the rail lines for the long term.