Noise reduction: It can all be much quieter

Noise causes stress, no matter where it comes from. Of course, if we want to stay active and mobile, we cannot completely avoid noise – but we can reduce it. 

In an ever faster, ever more networked, ever more mobile world, noise is on the increase too. We have long stopped seeing noise as a sign of progress. The din from factories and the rumble of motorcycles no longer stand for prosperity and maximum high speed.

Noise is an increasing problem in our society. It starts in the morning with the neighbor's garden vacuum, the jackhammers on the construction sites – and, of course, the noise of cars, airplanes and trains. 

Sources of noise in Germany: In 2019, the Federal Environment Agency analyzed what the main sources of noise are.

That is why engineers are hard at work trying to find solutions to bring some peace and quiet into all areas of our life. Refrigerators are already humming less noisily and modern sound insulation makes working in open-plan offices more pleasant.

But we are only just beginning to reconcile our demands for a modern working and living environment with our natural need for peace and quiet. This applies not only to us as humans, but also to the environment.

freight wagons have already been fitted with whisper brakes

Therefore, it is up to all of us to do something about noise. Especially those of us who cause it. We can do this with the help of new technology and new innovations to combat noise. For a little more peace in our everyday lives. For ourselves. 

1800 kilometers
renovated lines to relieve residents of rail noise

At Deutsche Bahn, we are contributing by making rail lines quieter. You can read here why barriers are sometimes needed, and what else we do to make our trains quieter.

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