New mobility in a clever combination

In the past, there were generally only cars, buses and trains to choose from. And it was rare to be able to spontaneously combine these means of transport. But today you can do everything at once with just a swipe of your smartphone. It's never been easier to get from A to B.  

Your fitness tracker tells you that today you took 6,000 steps and cycled five kilometers. Your smartphone informs you of another 20 kilometers you have covered, probably by train, bus or car. Quite common.

On average, every person in Germany travels 39 kilometers per day. A significant 16 kilometers of this is on the way to work and back. And more and more people want to wake up and decide spontaneously: Where do I have to go and what's the fastest way to get there? Is the sun shining and what will I be taking with me? How much does option A or B cost?

When does it make sense to use which means of transport?

The decision might end up looking like this: Jump on your rental bike to get croissants from your favorite baker for your loved ones at home.

After breakfast, take a suburban train to work in the city. Then go to lunch at the Korean restaurant with co-workers two bus stations away.

Later, after work, sling the crates of empties from the barbecue party onto the back seat of your electric carsharing vehicle and head off to pick up Marie, who is waiting for you in front of her piano teacher's house.

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It's good that we have more choice today, because mobility is the heartbeat that pulses through our everyday lives. We want to keep adding to the choices on offer, extending even beyond the big cities.

But having so many more options also means that everyone needs to take more responsibility individually. If we share our daily 39 kilometers with other people more often, opt for vehicles powered by green energy and rely on our own two feet to get us places again, we can do something proactively to protect the environment. 

New types of mobility service in over 400 cities

New mobility for everyone has to be sustainable and environmentally friendly and not cause even more congestion. You can read here about how Deutsche Bahn is supporting new mobility concepts to help customers travel even beyond the railway station, door-to-door. 

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