Conserving resources: No more waste

We can take responsibility for protecting the climate every morning. Starting with just a single cup of coffee that is more sustainable, saves more resources and is fairer. 

Buy it, take a bite, throw it away. Each one of us throws a whopping 55 kilograms of food in the trash every year. This is where it all starts – a colossal waste of resources. And many of the products we throw away have been shipped all the way around the world just to land on our plates. What's more, often a lot of hard manual toil has gone into producing them. As with the beans for our coffee, for example, that need to be picked arduously at high altitudes. But we can value this work by paying the people who do it for us a fair wage. 

And if we keep reusing the cup in which the steaming hot coffee is served, rather than going through endless disposable cups, we save valuable resources, thereby improving our own personal carbon footprint. 

100 percent recyclable: This is how many resources a refill in a DB reusable cup saves

Unfortunately, this still does not seem to be obvious to everyone. The volume of beverages purchased in returnable containers has fallen sharply in recent years. Fifteen years ago, 63 percent of all beverage containers were returnable and reused several times – but today, that figure has fallen to less than half.

200 tons
coffee was consumed on board ICEs and ICs alone in 2018

The convenience of the coffee-to-go culture is partly to blame for this. Deutsche Bahn sells almost two million liters of coffee a year. That is a huge amount and also a huge responsibility. 

98 %
This is how high our recycling rate was in 2018

But it should be very easy to reverse this negative recycling trend. Everyone can make some sort of contribution.

There are also many ways in which companies can operate sustainably and with a view to saving resources. You can read here about what recycling measures Deutsche Bahn is taking to protect resources and which services enable customers to be more environmentally aware.

260000 +
recycled sleepers were used in 2018
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