Our focus topics

Climate neutral

Can we still be saved?

We are aware that we have a special responsibility and act accordingly – for example, by using 100 percent green electricity in long distance transport.
Protecting species

We protect habitats

Protecting species is not just about finding a particular animal cute. We need to protect certain species to preserve the biodiversity of our ecosystem.
Resource conservation

No more waste

We can take responsibility for protecting the climate every morning. Starting with just a single cup of coffee that is more sustainable, saves more resources and is fairer.
New mobility

Clever combination

When we share our daily journeys with others more often, choose transport systems run on green energy, and sometimes even let our own feet power us forward, we are able to actively protect the climate.
Noise reduction

It can all be much quieter

Noise causes stress, no matter where it comes from. Of course, if we want to stay active and mobile, we cannot completely avoid noise – but we can reduce it.